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The Maryland Association of Appraisers, Inc. (MAA) was founded in 1974 to promote a higher standard of professionalism in the appraisal industry and to provide a unified body representing appraisers in the political arena. It provides an opportunity to share appraisal profession information and accepted techniques as well as build a network of associates with expertise in various regions of the state. All full member appraisers are licensed or certified.

The Financial Institutions Reform, Recovery, and Enforcement Act of 1989 (FIRREA) resulted in an even greater need for a viable LOCAL organization, one which responds to the requirements of its membership to provide educational opportunities and a clearinghouse of industry wide information

A well established organization, the Maryland Association is the largest provider of educational courses in Maryland, offers Errors and Omissions Insurance, Health Insurance, and Pre-paid legal and Identity Theft Protection, sends timely broadcast e-mails on breaking news and other highly relevant topics of interest, and offers, at the State level, the voice and influence in appraisal matters that the various national organizations exert at the Federal level.

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 Many appraisers may wonder whether there is real value in belonging to a state or national professional association. Those who don't stay connected expose themselves to increased liability, and jeopardize the very public they serve. It is clear that a growing number of appraisers share the idea that belonging to an organization like MAA is not only worthwhile but essential in today's rapidly changing world in protecting and maintaining your livelihood and professionalism


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  Our profession is on the cusp of potentially big changes. Congress is looking at restructuring appraisal regulation, FannieMae wants to cut appraisers out of refinance work, no one knows what’s going to happen with Fannie and Freddie, the Appraiser Qualifications Board is considering changes to education requirements, and there is talk of wholesale revisions to Dodd-Frank. Lots of voices out there, all from a variety of different stakeholders looking out for their own interests – but who is speaking for the field appraisers?

  There is a growing recognition that there are organizations that truly do represent working appraisers – the various state associations and coalitions. The Maryland Association of Appraisers (MAA) have been active participants in a network of 30 (and growing) state appraiser coalitions, and the collective clout is growing. The American Bankers Associstion, Mortgage Bankers Association, the Appraisal Subcommittee, National Association of Realtors, Association of Appraiser Regulatory Officials, FHFA, The Appraisal Foundation, and others have all reached out to the network. Click on the link above to get a better idea of how working together through our state organizations is having a real impact.

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