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Courses will be posted at least 30 days in advance of the beginning of each semester. For questions on upcoming semesters, please call 443-371-7586.

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All courses offered have been approved in MD by the Maryland Commission of Real Estate Appraiser, Appraisal Management Companies and Home Inspectors. MAA approved courses are accepted in DC, PA, and DE. For Delaware, when you submit your certificates for renewal please submit this form (ask MAA for the course description and outline). Credit is also recognized in W. VA for Maryland licencees who hold reciprocal licenses in that state. VA does not pre-approve CE and has historically accepted MAA courses that are approved in MD. To receive credit in VA ask us for the course description, outline & instructor bio to submit when you renew. For additional questions on receiving reciprocal credit with these surrounding states, please verify with your individual state boards or commissions. Please note that a number of courses have also been approved for Realtor CE and, where applicable, is indicated in the Notes Column with the course listings below. Please let us know if Realtor credit is needed and provide us with your Realtor License Number.


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Please Note:
Any credential issued on or after May 1, 2018 must be in compliance with the AQB Real Property Appraiser Qualification Criteria as outlined in the downloadable Education Requirements, above. MD legislation further establishes a Trainee License and requires that individuals in training to become licensed or certified real estate appraisers obtain that license. Without it, they cannot perform or sign appraisals, even under the direct supervision of a certified appraiser. The three-year license will be granted to applicants who successfully complete the 75- hour Appraiser Trainee Module and the Mandated Supervisory Appraiser and Trainee Appraiser Course. The license may be renewed one time for an additional three years (i.e. no career trainees). All renewals trainee, license, and certifications - are subject to the completion of all 42 hours continuing education, including the 7-hour National USPAP Update Course, required for the renewal of all categories of licensure.

Trainees should take note that the clock for their two year experience requirement is not automatically tied to the issue date of the Trainee License as it does not begin until they actually find a mentor and begin working on a regular basis after the Trainee License has been issued. There is no recognition of experience that may have been accumulated before the Trainee License was issued.

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February 2020
Class Description or Purchasing other Services Notes Location
Feb. 25-25 Comments Are Your Salvation
(Course 7-110, Segment 9 AM-12 Noon: E&O Companies warn- Don't jeopardize your career with the "form-filler" mindset )
Member cost: $75, Non-member cost: $100
WESTERN MD! Discussion includes: review of typical appraisal guidelines- what underwriters & AMC's want and why - comment examples and applications - appraisal process - condominiums - 1004 -UAD specific -general purpose/private party -AMC/3rd party
3 hours CE Location J
Feb. 25-25 Understanding Market Trends and Their Impact on Value
(Course 7-7420, Segment 1-4 pm- Afternoon class)
Member cost: $75, Non-member cost: $100
WESTERN MD!- In any changing market, the appraiser is faced with challenges that mandate skill and competency as a professional to avoid USPAP violations.
3 hr Appraiser & Realtor CE Location J
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March 2020
Class Description or Purchasing other Services Notes Location
Mar. 3-3 Staying Current on Appraising Energy Efficient Homes
(Course 7-, Segment 8 -12N:Qualifies for AGA Recertification as well as continuing education toward license renewals )
Member cost: $75, Non-member cost: $100
Serves as both an overview of high-efficiency home construction, testing, and appraisal, and a refresher for appraisers who have earned the AGA (Accredited Green Appraiser) designation.
4 hr CE Location H
Mar. 3-3 Oddball Property Appraisal
(Course 7-275, Segment 1-4 pm- Afternoon class)
Member cost: $75, Non-member cost: $100
Ever have one of those assignments where comps are limited and you just don't know where to start? You are not alone!
3 hours CE Location H
Mar. 10-10 Understanding and Using Comparable Transactions
(Course 7-, Segment What is comparable, why and how )
Member cost: $175, Non-member cost: $225
Gaining proper recognition and identification of what is a comparable, knowing why it has been selected as a comparable, and understanding how the comparable is used is critical to the appraisal process.
7 hours CE Location E
Mar. 18-18 Every Appraiser's Nightmare - A Review of Disciplinary Cases
(Course 7-, Segment NEW OFFERING! 9 AM-12 Noon.Covers complaints filed in the State of Maryland and Delaware )
Member cost: $75, Non-member cost: $100
AVOID THESE COMPLAINTS! A review of rationale for disciplining the licensee with special emphasis on the specific as well as general areas that have been determined to have been the most problematic.
3 hours CE Location H
Mar. 18-18 Tips For Appraising Non-Lender Residential Assignments
(Course 7-, Segment NEW!1-4: Branch out & reduce your AMC or mortgage assignments: reach into alternative resources )
Member cost: $75, Non-member cost: $100
Non-Lender Appraisals offer good fees, fewer hassles, and Clients that want and appreciate professional and knowledgeable appraisers
3 hours CE Location H
Mar. 24-24 Waterfront Around The Bay
(Course 7-, Segment Competency is imperitive before you accept these complex assignments )
Member cost: $175, Non-member cost: $225
All waterfront is not the same.This REVISED course takes a look at how the market perceives the value and/or impact attributed to the differences among the various types or body of water, region, governing laws, and property specific amenities
7 hours CE Location H
Mar. 27-27 Supervisory Appraiser and Trainee Appraiser Mandatory Course
Member cost: $105, Non-member cost: $125
Please Register for this mandated course that follows the completion of the 75 hour module. Trainees will not be given experience credit for any work performed unless that relationship report has been filed and this course taken by both parties.
4 hours CE Location H
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April 2020
Class Description or Purchasing other Services Notes Location
Apr. 2-2 FHA & VA Appraisal - Are You Up to Date On the Latest Guidelines?
(Course 7-, Segment NEW! 9 AM-4 PM-example scenarios, suggested commentary, FHA and VA specific concerns )
Member cost: $175, Non-member cost: $225
This course is intended to review the latest HUD manual 4000.1, Sections I-B and II-D, the primary appraiser related sections; and the VA Protocol Manual for the appraiser.
6 hrs CE Location G
Apr. 7-7 National USPAP 2020-2021 Update Course- 7 Hour
(Course 07, Segment NEW UPDATE!)
Member cost: $175, Non-member cost: $225
Avoid inadvertent violations and be among the first to take updates as soon as possible!
7 hr CE Location H
Apr. 9-9 Real Estate Assessment Appeal
(Course 7-, Segment WESTERN MD! NEW! Diversify your practice with this specialized knowledge! )
Member cost: $175, Non-member cost: $225
This kind of work requires specialized knowledge and an understanding of the mass appraisal process for successful residential and commercial tax appeals
6 hr CE Location J
Apr. 14-14 The Devil Is In The Details: Understanding Residential Construction
(Course 7-, Segment NEW! - 9 A-12 N )
Member cost: $75, Non-member cost: $100
Learn what to look for during property inspection with regard to quality and condition of materials, workmanship and finish that impact on the overall value of the property.
3 Hours Appraiser & 3 Hours Realtor CE Location H
Apr. 14-14 America's Disappearing Landscape
(Course 7-, Segment NEW!! 1-4 pm- Afternoon class)
Member cost: $75, Non-member cost: $100
Included are methods for estimating adjustments in farm appraising and a review of the importance of preserving districts that include the man-made elements of the farm
3 hrs CE Location H
Apr. 15-29 Accredited Green Appraiser Designation (AGA)
(Course 7-, Segment Earn your AGA Designation and higher fees in this rapidly evolving field & gain more business! )
Member cost: $545, Non-member cost: $695
Day 1 Wed April 15; Day 2 Wed April 22; Day 3 Wed April 29. This specialized competency is critically important to avoid complaints being filed! Fannie Mae requires appraisers to have "green" competency when you accept these orders
21 hours CE Earn your AGA designation Location H
Apr. 28-28 What Is It Worth? Understanding Residential Market Values
(Course 7-470, Segment 9-12 Noon)
Member cost: $75, Non-member cost: $100
The seminar takes a look at paired sales analysis as well as providing methods to determine the value of various elements of comparison in differing market areas
3 hours Appraiser and Realtor CE Location I
Apr. 28-28 Why Can't I Use My Property For This? - Permitted Land Use & Property Value
(Course 7-7485, Segment NEW!! 1-4 pm- Afternoon class )
Member cost: $75, Non-member cost: $100
zoning is a critical factor in the determination of highest and best use and developing the Fair Market Value of real property.Are you up to date on how zoning impacts property valuation
3 Hr Appraiser & Realtor CE Location I
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May 2020
Class Description or Purchasing other Services Notes Location
May. 5-5 National USPAP 2020-2021 Update Course- 7 Hour
(Course 07, Segment NEW UPDATE!)
Member cost: $175, Non-member cost: $225
Avoid inadvertent violations and be among the first to take updates as soon as possible!
7 hr CE Location E
May. 12-12 Unimproved Land - The Path To Valuation
(Course 7-7465, Segment NEW CLASS 9 AM-4 PM)
Member cost: $175, Non-member cost: $225
Large or small-resid, Ag, commercial, mixed use, etc-Two parcels of land may look alike at first glance but upon further research have very different values. Find out what drives market value for these complex property assignments
6 Hr CE Location H
May. 13-15 Mastering Unique and Complex Property Appraisal (Course 501 elective)
(Course 5-501, Segment Qualifying Elective, CE, or Upgrade. Trainees sign up today)
Member cost: $395, Non-member cost: $445
Meets AQB requirements to serve as an elective for the two certified categories of licensure as well as Practicing appraisers who will also benefit from this course as a refresher for the latest accepted methods, practices, and techniques
20 hours Pre-lic./Cert./CE credit Location H
May. 20-20 Analysis: The Heart of an Appraisal
(Course 7-, Segment NEW! 9-12 Identifies Areas of the Analysis or Commentary often Missing or Incomplete)
Member cost: $75, Non-member cost: $100
Hone your analytical skills by taking a closer look at both proper market analysis as well as analyzing data for residential appraisals.
3 Hours CE Location G
May. 20-20 Hit the HELP Button: Q&A
(Course 7-, Segment Taking classroom hours vs online is the ability to come away with valuable insight from our peers)
Member cost: $75, Non-member cost: $100
1-4 pm- Don't you wish you had a big red HELP button to push every time you have a question or situation that needs an answer?
3 hours CE Location G
May. 26-27 Appraising Small Commercial Properties (Course 503 Elective)
(Course 5-503 Elective, Segment Qualifying Elective, CE, or Upgrade. Trainees or upgrading sign up today)
Member cost: $300, Non-member cost: $350
Meets AQB requirements to serve as an elective for the two certified categories of licensure as well as an excellent introductory course for the experienced residential appraiser who is interested in also appraising small commercial properties.
15 hours Pre-lic/Cert/CE Location H
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December 2020
Class Description or Purchasing other Services Notes Location
Dec. 31-31 Members Only Hyperlink from MAA's website to your own
(Course N/A, Segment 2020)
Member cost: $10, Non-member cost: $0
Members Only service MAA Office
Dec. 31-31 MAA Appraiser Trainees - Reduced Membership Dues and Application
(Course N/A)
Member cost: $165, Non-member cost: $165
New and renewing trainees MAA Office
Dec. 31-31 MAA Membership Dues Renewal for 2020
(Course New&lapsed members use new member application)
Member cost: $200, Non-member cost: $0
2020 MAA Office
Dec. 31-31 MAA Membership Dues- New & Lapsed Members - includes one time set-up fee
(Course 0-N/A)
Member cost: $215, Non-member cost: $215
2020 MAA Office
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